About Televon
A long history of driving telecom efficiencies through cost management consulting and on-demand telecom management support.
Televon started delivering telecom cost management consulting in 2002 and expanded to offer full telecom management support in 2009.  When we started, the telecom industry was focused on flip phones and long-distance plans. 
Over the years, services have morphed into smartphones, VOIP, teleconferencing, and Microsoft licensing solutions and managed services, but telecom providers' strategies remain the same.  They use contract terms, pricing schemes, and technology to lock-in high prices and limit users' ability to switch.  
The companies that do this well (Verizon, AT&T, Spectrum, Comcast, etc.) endure while others (Windstream, Sprint, etc.) get acquired or liquidate.  
Televon helps clients navigate this changing landscape to ensure they achieve maximum efficiency (lowest cost for the right services).  


The year we started delivering telecom audits. Somethings change, but not as much as you might think.

7 Years

Current average client tenure.  Longest client tenure is 12 years. We believe in delivering on our promises.


Average client savings from our continuous telecom audit services. We also saved over 10,000 man-hours. 

50 Years

Years of IT and Telecom experience on the Televon team. We have seen it and lived it ourselves.

Virtual Organization


Efficiency is for everyone, not just our clients. Televon lives and breathes efficiency in our own business. Nowhere is this more visible than in where we work. All of us work remotely which means our clients experience,
Happier team members
More accessibility (team members in each time zone)
Better support through reinvestment in new capabilities