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"At Mascaro we say, “Under promise and over deliver.” I am happy to say that unlike other service providers, Televon delivered exactly what it promised. Your professionals were timely, highly efficient, and have made it very easy for our busy team members. Televon gets it!”

—  Stephen Powell, VP IT & Technology

City of Midland

The City of Midland has been working with AT&T, Suddenlink, and Grande Communications to improve its telecommunications system for over two years. Unfortunately, due to staffing constraints and strategic priorities, it could not focus enough organizational energy to be successful. Televon engaged in late 2018 to deliver immediate relief and build a project roadmap for sustainable savings.  


City of Beaumont

The City of Beaumont had identified some billing errors in their landline accounts. Dissecting CSRs, contracts and 300-page bills was a tall order, so they engaged Televon to help find and resolve the issue. During the engagement, we also found 40% savings on their Verizon Wireless cellular.    


Allegheny County Housing Authority (ACHA)
Pace Industries

ACHA is the housing authority for the county that includes Pittsburgh PA. ACHA has a strategy of regular audits. Televon was selected to provide a second look at their systems. Through our efforts, we found additional savings on POTS lines as well as in their cellular program.   

PACE Industries has been a client for over eight years. During this time we have helped reduce costs on their landline services, convert them to an MPLS solution, monitor and manage their cellular program, and project manage solutions to technical issues within their network. 



Chromalox has been a long term client where we keep an eye on contracts and assist in managing their cellular program.  Improvements have included new conferencing solutions, better pricing on cellular, and contract renegotiations.


American Bridge

American Bridge has been a client for nearly five years. During this time we have saved significant sums on data systems, phones, and cellular services.  In addition, we manage their cellular program since they have turnover in their field base locations and staff. Our management solution helps keep track of services, cost centers, and allocations of bills to appropriate job sites.  


The Container Store

One of our longest-lived clients, The Container Store, came to us because their cellular bills were highly variable due to heavy international travel. We worked with them to implement plans and policies to reduce the variability and now provide management services to assist in keeping their cellular travel costs under control. 


Keystone Clearwater

Keystone is a relatively new client.  As an oil and gas field servicing company, they have fleets of trucks with corresponding mobile needs. We have worked with them to reduce their cellular costs by over a third.