Televon delivers objective, professional-level telecom management so you can focus on what's important.

Telecom is deceptively complex. It requires technical knowledge and industry insight to get it right. It's a space where inefficiencies persist, and opportunities arise unseen.  Legacy technology lingers.  Vendors make billing errors.  New technology becomes viable, and your need changes.  Knowing what is right for you takes time and energy you don’t have.  

With telecom experts dedicated to your organization, Televon's Telecom Management Solution delivers ongoing telecom specific oversite, auditing, and management services to you and your team.   

Included Services

Televon is a management company, not an auditor.  Telecom changes too often for a quick analysis to be effective and long-lasting. The below services (included in our Telecom Management Solution) show how Televon engages for the long-term.

Verify Bill Accuracy
Analyze Usage Trends
Compare to Supplier Options
Evaluate Installed Services
Televon's Efficiency Expertise

The comprehensive Telecom Management Solution includes expert service in all four areas of telecom that organizations typically leverage.

One of the easiest areas to save

All the carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile) make Unlimited plans seem easy, but forget to mention they cost 30% more.  Unused devices cost money. Overage charges cost money. Bill errors cost money.

Multiply these issues over the size of your organization and you could be looking at considerable savings.

With Televon, you get:

  • Professional plan design and management

  • Maximization of cooperative contracts & buy-boards

  • Industry-leading telecom policies & best practices

  • Access to the latest vendor promos

  • Support for plan administration & changes

Can also be standalone engagement

The lifeblood of professional

Are you getting what you paid for?  Do you need all that you have or do you need more? How much is right for you? Is your system as secure as it can be?

Inefficiencies in the data network aren't just a money problem. They can create operational headaches and security risks.

With Televon, you get:

  • Updated system maps of your current infrastructure

  • An assessment of data usage and needs

  • Comparison pricing to industry benchmarks

  • Access to reverse auctions capability

  • Evaluation of alternate technology viability


So many options and configurations.  New capabilities, competitors, plans and pricing appear constantly.  legacy phone carriers have stopped upgrading their copper infrastructure.  

POTS lines still exist and are only getting more expensive.  VoIP is now the industry standard, but users won't accept jitter.

With Televon you get:

  • Physical assessment of infrastructure needs

  • Pricing competitions (RFPs, Reverse Auctions)

  • Daily vendor management

  • Long-term strategic plan 


Teleconferencing and other business social systems aren't stagnant, but many of our clients treat this as a stable industry even though there are many new entrants. 

Some of these new options have better technology and pricing.  Others use a completely different approach that may dramatically improve your user experience.

With Televon you get:

  • Detailed needs assessment 

  • Vendor negotiate to match needs to best rates available

  • Plan implementation and user training support

  • Ongoing management of vendors to ensure compliance

Performance-Based Fee

Televon's innovative pricing means we do all this with no upfront fee. 

We only get paid when we save money.

Shared Savings

Televon only shares in savings. No minimums, up-front fees, or implementation cost.  There is only an upside.   

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