Government Telecom is Unique

Buy-boards and cooperative contracts provide a sense of security, but there is plenty of opportunities for inefficiencies to still exist.

We typically save Government entities (who use buy-boards) 30%+ or more on telecom services.  Keep your same phones, carriers and stay on DIR.  Learn more today.  

How Televon Helps

Cellular service is mission-critical, expensive and demanding to manage.  Televon is an expert at managing this uncertainty.  Device changes, upgrades, emergency shipping, plan and cost management are core components of our Cellular Management Solution. 

We perform the day to day management tasks on your behalf, freeing up your time and budget.

Government Telecom Experts

Texas DIR: In Texas DIR, plus Tex-AN, are the go-to for telecommunication service contracts.  Televon is an expert in leveraging these, and other, resources to maximize value.

Purchasing Requirements: Televon works with you and your purchasing department to follow all government purchasing regulations.

Legacy Complexity:  Cities, counties, and government agencies aren't like businesses. They have been around a long time.  Legacy systems integrate with new technology creating a hybrid system. This requires expertise to understand and optimize.

TIPS Awarded Vendor: As a TIPS awarded vendor you can quickly and confidently purchase Televon services through TIPS Contact #180304  Learn more here.

Performance-Based Relationship

Televon takes 100% of the risk.  No double talk.  No games.  

We believe in our ability which is why we GUARANTEE real savings.

Shared Savings Only

Televon only shares in savings. There are no minimums, up-front fees, or implementation cost.  There is only an upside.