Got Questions?

Here are Answers

The below is a list of answers to questions we typically get. Still, some things are complex and require more than a few sentences to get comfortable with. If, after reviewing the below, you want to go into a little more granularity, set up an intro call so we can talk specifics.

About Us

Where is Televon located?

Televon is a virtual business. We are 100% US-based and all team members work from home. With staff on the East Coast, Central, Mountain, and Pacific time zones, we can support all clients during their workday.

If you are 100% virtual, what is your address?

We have a physical address that is staffed at: 2093 Philadelphia Pike Ste 8060 Claymont, DE 19703

How long has Televon been in operation?

Televon started in 2002 as Three Rivers Telecom Consulting. We rebranded in 2018 so that we could expand nationally and offer additional services beyond Telecommunication auditing.

What is Televon's business?

Televon is a Managed Services company, but instead of managing physical computers, we manage business's service providers, cloud solutions, and remote workforce applications.

Microsoft Licenses

What is a Microsoft CSP?

Microsoft outsources marketing, sales, and customer support functions to its partner network. A Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) is a specific type of Microsoft partner focused on the Productivity, Security, and Compliance functionality that Microsoft offers. A CSP purchases licenses from Microsoft and then resells them. In this model, the CSP assists in licensing decisions and supporting the Client if there are any issues.

Do all CSP's deliver the same services?

Not really. The licenses you receive are all the same Microsoft licenses, but a CSP is responsible for helping you decide which of the 450+ Microsoft licenses are right for your organization, how many you need, helping you get them set up with each user, and working with you on issues when they arise. It is a Management Support relationship, not a retail relationship. Hence, the CSP is only as good as its support team and systems.

Are the Microsoft Licenses through Televon the same as I can get through a distributor or Microsoft?

Yes, Microsoft does not change the packages or functionality based on the channel partner you choose. In addition, Microsoft does not give preferential pricing to one channel over another.

If I choose Televon as my Microsoft partner, what can I expect to receive?

Televon has been a Managed Services company since 2002. We pride ourselves on two things: having the best customer support in the business and knowing your business systems as well as you do. If you choose Televon as your Microsoft Partner, we will make sure you maximize your Microsoft capabilities and lower your expenses.

Will it cost me more to work with Televon than with either Microsoft or another channel partner (e.g., a distributor)?

No. In fact, we pride ourselves on helping clients reduce their costs. There is no separate fee for hiring Televon and we sell our licenses at the same price as you can get through other channels. Part of our Value-Added service is custom licensing strategies and monthly auditing. By creating the lowest cost license strategy to meet your needs and auditing your services monthly, we can cut 20-30% out of your Microsoft expense line.

What Microsoft Licenses can Televon provide?

Televon is a full-service reseller of Microsoft licenses. We sell the standard Microsoft 365, Office 365, Exchange, Project, Visio, and other add-on cloud licenses. We also sell Server licenses, Software Assurance licenses, CALs, and Azure units. You can view a subset of our licenses portfolio at

What does Tier 1, 2 and 3 Support mean?

As your designated Microsoft CSP, Televon is responsible for providing you direct support on the products you purchase. In order to deliver on this, Televon has a dedicated call center and an online ticketing system. Tier 1 Support is our on-call support analysts that focus on correcting basic requests (access issues, new license requests, suspending accounts, etc.). Tier 1 also brings in Tier 2 and 3 support when the issue is more advanced. Tier 2 support focuses on issues of configuration, integration, and things that just aren't working right. Tier 3 brings the heavy guns. These teams are specialized and deal with things like recovering from hacks, DNS issues, and missing information.

What is the GCC?

Microsoft's GCC (or Government Community Cloud) is a segregated cloud environment designated for US-based government agencies only. In a nutshell, it is a special set of servers, all on US soil and restricted to only certified users, where GCC client's data is stored and managed. It does not cost extra to utilize the GCC. Any local, municipal, state, and federal agency is allowed to use it, once they pass the validation process.

Is Televon GCC certified?

Yes, Televon is certified to work with clients in the GCC.

Can Televon help with migrations to the GCC?

Yes, Televon can provide expert migration services to move your cloud systems to the GCC. This includes migrating on-premise servers, existing enterprise cloud servers, and hybrid environments.

If I purchase licenses from Televon and am a contingency managed services client, do I get charged any savings fees if you reduce my licensing costs?

No. If you purchase licenses through Televon, 100% of any savings you realize is yours; even if you are a contingency savings client.

Managed Cellular

Which cellular service providers does Televon support?

Televon works with all Cellular service providers. The majority of our US clients have Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, FirstNet, or T-mobile. We also support clients with older Sprint accounts, Telus in Canada, and MVNO's (Mobile Virtual Network Operators).

What is Managed Cellular service, and why do I need it?

Cellular services are dynamic. Plans change, users change, phones change, needs change, and carriers change. If you do not proactively manage this environment, it will end up costing you significantly. Televon is an expert in keeping up with the changes on our client's behalf. We design account configurations that match the current best plans to your specific needs. We audit plans, users, and promos monthly to make sure you are paying the least amount possible. Finally, we manage changes like adding users, suspending accounts, and upgrading devices. Quite simply, we are your dedicated cellular manager.

Doesn't my cellular account rep manage my cellular plans?

Yes and no. Your account rep is likely a great person to work with, but they aren't working for you. They work for the carrier. Their dual goal is to maximize your spend and keep you happy. That does not include ensuring your plans are efficient, you have the latest promos, or that you aren't paying for that employee that quit 2 months ago.

I would love someone to take this headache away, but do I have to pay more for it? Cellular already costs too much.

The good news is you don't have to. Televon works 100% on a contingency of realized savings. That means if you are currently spending $1,000 for cellular service, and through Televon's efforts you only pay $700, then Televon is paid a % of that savings. With a contingency managed services model, you get all of Televon services, and guaranteed cost reductions, without paying any extra. Our efforts help push your budget further.

What services are included in Televon's Managed Cellular service?

Customized cellular configurations that match the best cellular plans (yes, most of our clients utilize more than one plan to minimize costs) to how your company uses cellular services. Monthly audits/analysis of your service bills ensure the plans you have are still the most optimal. Adding, deleting, suspending, upgrading and changing user plans and devices. Dedicated on-call support team and online ticketing system.

I want to move our cellular service from one carrier to another. Can Televon help make this happen?

Absolutely. Televon can help you design and manage this conversion. In these situations we focus on minimizing your overall costs and ensuring your users have what they need. This includes negotiating discounts from your new carrier, minimizing early termination fees with your existing carrier, testing devices and networks within your users' geography, and helping users convert phones from one service to the other.

In order to save money, do I have to move carriers?

Absolutely not. Our clients save between 20-50% while staying with their same carrier and not switching phones. Saving money on cellular isn't about which carrier you're on, it's about how you manage the cellular plans to your benefit.

We are on Unlimited Plans, aren't those the most efficient?

No, not really. Although they are the easiest to manage. Carriers know that managers don't like surprise cellular bills, so they launched Unlimited Plans to put managers' minds at ease. They also increased the pricing on these by over 30% for the added peace of mind. See what they did there? Created a pain with one plan and solved that pain with a more expensive plan. Televon is an expert at managing Non-Unlimited plans to ensure you A) have the lowest prices possible and B) don't get surprise bills.

Managed Phone & Network

What is Managed Phone & Network service?

Business phones, internet services, and data networks are fairly commoditized, but that doesn't mean they don't need cost management support. Service providers still play games with hidden fees, promo packages, and contract terms. Televon's Managed Phone & Network service provides a dedicated business management team focused on keeping your costs low and service providers in line. This service includes bill audits, contract management, promo identification, supplier negotiations, reverse auctions, and service support.

How much do Managed Phone & Network services cost?

Televon has different fee models based on your core needs. Most of our first-time clients choose a Contingency Fee model, where Televon is only paid a % of any realized savings from our services. Once our clients realize the amount we can save, they often convert to a fixed fee model. In addition to the above fee models, Televon also provides these services for free when we assist you in sourcing new services and providers.

What Services fit within Phone and Network?

Televon has deep expertise working with phone carriers, in-house phone systems (Mitel, etc.), SIP Trunks, PRI's, Cloud Systems (UCaaS, VoIP, etc.), and POTS lines. We are also experts in data networks, ISPs, and satellite services. This includes network design, re-architecture, and troubleshooting.

Why would I hire Televon to do this, we can manage our own phone and network?

Of course you can, but ask yourself? Do you like sitting on the phone with your carrier for an hour only to get transferred to the wrong person, or be hung up on? Televon knows who to talk to, what they should do, and how to direct them to get things done. Have you ever missed an auto-renewal on a promo deal? Televon tracks your contracts and promos to make sure you are never locked in at rack rate. When was the last time you called your carrier and asked if they have better pricing? Televon does this all the time. We also cross pollinate savings opportunities from one client to another.

Government Contracting

Does Televon follow standard government procurement rules?

Absolutely. Televon is well versed in Government procurement rules. Any time you need a new service or new pricing, we will follow your specific direction. At a minimum, this includes getting multiple quotes from different vendors. We also pull pricing from different Cooperative Contracting sources including TIPS, TX DIR, PA Costars, NPA, BuyBoards, and others. Finally, if you require an RFP, we can support you by providing service-specific terms, helping analyze responses, and negotiating terms.

Is Televon on any government-specific cooperative contracts?

Yes, Televon is a TIPS Contracted Vendor. You can purchase all of our services and licenses through the TIPS contract portfolio. Here is TIPS ( for more information.

Contingency Fees

How does Televon calculate Realized Savings?

Televon utilizes a proprietary analytics tool that compares what you have paid before Televon services, and what is reflecting on your supplier's invoice. The difference is the realized savings.

This analytics tool is a billing engine that mimics your carrier's billing system. By recreating the plans, services, taxes, and lines within our system, we can accurately calculate the fees you would have paid prior to Televon services optimizing your accounts.

This system is also the heart of our auditing process. We use this tool to look for billing anomalies, errors, new plan options, and promos.

What if I have operational changes like shut down an office and remove that account? Would that over inflate our "Savings" calculation?

No, Televon does not count "Operational" changes as savings. These are changes you have to make in order to keep your business running smoothly.

What happens if I don't want to implement the savings you recommend?

That is 100% your choice. You are the decision maker. In this case, even if the savings was $10,000,000 and a no brainer if you don't implement it, then there is no "Realized" savings and therefore $0 in contingency savings fees from Televon.

What happens if I decide to reverse the savings that you helped us find? Am I still charged for the fees?

Nope. You reversed it so there are no savings. No savings, no fees.

How long do Televon's contingency fees last?

That is negotiable, but typically our contingency fees last 24 months from the date we implement the savings.

If new savings are implemented, does it renew the length of time savings fees are paid?

No. Although how the old and new savings is handled depends on the old savings. If the new savings is just a minor adjustment to the old savings strategy (e.g., add more data to a cell plan) then it does not change the savings time frame. If the new savings is a major change (e.g., a new cellular plan is available) then the new savings may replace the older savings.