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Telecom Management Services
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It's no secret; managing your telecom services can be a headache.  But in today's workplace, most medium to large organizations have at least 5 telecom service providers, often spanning multiple departments and decision-makers.  

Streamlining contracts, negotiating better rates and uncovering errors or inefficiencies is the name of the game.

Our team of industry experts makes this process easy.  We offer performance-based solutions, which means no out of pocket expenses until we've helped you save.  And best of all, we stay out of the way so your team can focus on what they do best.

Areas of Expertise

One of the easiest areas to save.


The lifeblood of professional interaction


The complexity of legacy systems integrating with existing technology.


More providers than you realize.


Steven Powell, VP Info Tech

“Here at Mascaro, we say “Under promise and over-deliver.”  I am happy to say that unlike those others, Televon delivered exactly what it had promised.  Just as important, they didn’t require any prodding to get the job done.”


Pete Garvey, Purchasing

“Since we have multiple locations and growing, it has been very helpful to have (Televon) as a resource …we appreciate the work that you have done for us in organizing and optimizing our communications.”

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Frank M. Howard III

Thank you for significantly reducing our expenditures, increasing our corporate profits, and helping us better grasp control of our communication systems.  Televon is a company that truly offers no risk and no additional cost business improvement.

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