Phone & Data Provider Management

Professionally managing your telecom providers.

Stay Focused.

On a daily basis, Televon engages on your behalf with your service providers. With a tireless focus on finding savings and ensuring your telecom meets your needs, we help you get back to what's important.  

The Power in Numbers.

Televon leverages a proprietary analytics suite, and the power of the Televon family of clients, to drive savings. Cross client reverse auctions, promo sharing, vendor management, and continuous vendor engagement ensure you get the best value in the market.

Implemented Results.

Finding inefficiencies is only the first step.  Televon Project Manages the design, implementation, and validation of improvements so that you realize full value.

Purchasing Integration.

We work with your purchasing department, leverage approved buy-boards, and follow all purchasing regulations to keep you in compliance. We can even show you a few opportunities you may not have considered.

Performance-Based Fee

Televon's innovative pricing means we do all this with no upfront fee. 

We only get paid when we save money.

Shared Savings

Televon only shares in savings. No minimums, up-front fees, or implementation cost.  There is only an upside.   

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