Caution: Not All Promos Are Worth It

So you heard from So-and-So (friend, rep, colleague, 2nd cousin) that you telecom provider has a new special promotion out. Telecom providers offer promos for all sorts of reasons:

· Entice new clients

· Thwart a competitive sale

· Promote a new product or service (bundles)

· Make changes to plans or contract terms

One thing is for sure, providers don't offer promos to save you money or be super nice around the holidays. If you take advantage of a promo then there is a good chance you will give something of value up in return.

Make sure you ask what that might be. Pay close attention to:

· How long the promo lasts, most are just short term teasers?

· Do you have to buy something else to get the promo? Maybe you have to sign up for an international day pass or purchase some accessory. These extras like to stick around after the promo

· Do you have to switch to a new plan name? The provider may be trying to phase out a feature or contract term (e.g., unlimited data with no restrictions). AT&T did this last year to make way for 5g devices.

In all cases, whether this is a good deal for you or not depends entirely on the fine print of the promo.

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