Preparing Your Telecom System

for Natural Disasters

March 30, 2021
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM PST

Are you located in a natural disaster zone? Your telecommunications system is critical to your team's disaster management and recovery. Join us to learn about what works, what doesn’t, and what you can do to prepare for the future.

In some areas, Natural Disasters aren’t a question of if they will hit, but rather when. In these areas, it is prudent to plan for when these events occur and ensure your critical systems can 

function. In today’s connected world, and the onset of remote workers, organizations should consider new strategies and tactics concerning their IT and communications systems. A little bit of planning can make a major difference when the time comes.

Disaster Preparedness is a very custom process for each organization.  Where are your locations, what is the current infrastructure there, what are the critical

operations? This 30-minute webinar focuses, not on creating a disaster plan, but on what IT and Telecom issues you should consider before a disaster hits, what strategies and tactics you can deploy pre-disaster, and in what scenarios those strategies and tactics make the most sense. With this information, you can evaluate your current disaster recovery plan and improve it where needed. 

With nearly 20 years of experience in helping clients manage their IT and Telecommunications world, we have worked with clients through many natural disasters (floods, hurricanes, deep freezes, and long-term power outages). Through this work, we have built real-world experience on what most organizations should have in place prior to the occurrence of the event. As is often the case, they aren’t major overhauls of entire systems, but simple strategies that can make a significant difference in your time of need.  

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Presented by: Mike Breier, Televon President

Mike Breier is the owner and president of Televon.  He is also our resident Microsoft Licensing guru. If you have questions he either knows the answer or can figure them out.  Mike has 20 years of business experience driving efficiencies, improvements, and growth for some of the largest companies in the world including GE, American Airlines, and Vizient.

Before Televon, Mike was Assistant Vice President of Solutions Strategy at Vizient, Inc.  Vizient is the leading health system cost containment and efficiency improvement company in the United States providing a multitude of services to more than 60% of the health systems in the US.  Over the more than 8 years at Vizient, Mike’s varying roles included guiding new business units through the infancy of startup, realigning assets to create new growth vehicles, and investigating new market opportunities.

Mike grew up in a military family, moving from base to base throughout his early years.  When Middle & High School years rolled around the Breier family settled in the West Texas town of Abilene.  After high school, Mike attended Texas A&M University in College Station where he earned his BBA in Finance and International Business.  Mike went on to earn his MBA, with a focus on Business Strategy, from the University of Texas in Austin.