Government Microsoft
Case Study

A Microsoft Case Study for a Texas City.

Government Microsoft<br>Case Study


In early 2021, this client approached Televon with a simple request. Can you help us understand Microsoft Licensing? This client is a medium-sized city in North Texas with a population of ~50,000 residents. They have a solid IT team with strong management support for their initiatives. As a government agency, cyber security and threat management is always a top priority, but so is cost management and transparency.

  • 50k residents
  • 36 square miles
  • $ 1.4M IT Budget

The Challenge

Their primary concern was a lack of support and license clarity from their existing Microsoft Licensing partner. Support tickets would go unanswered, pricing requests were met with vague responses, and they were pushed to buy licenses that seemed unnecessary.

What they were looking for was a partner that would help navigate the Microsoft licensing universe, plan for future infrastructure changes (phone system, Intune, etc.) that could impact licensing, and help them deal with issues in a timely and informative manner.

All this was caveated with the requirement that any immediate changes to licensing should have NO IMPACT on the end user. This should be strictly an administrative and billing project, not a user transformation process.

With Microsoft, the devil is in the details. What are you using, who is using it, what licenses do you have, what licenses are available, what is included, and what is in the fine print.

Most importantly, what are you planning to do in the next 1 – 2 years that might affect which licenses are needed and when.

The Solution

Televon’s Microsoft 365 Managed Service offered this client the best of all worlds. With this solution, we could engage directly with Microsoft on their behalf, pulling analytics and existing infrastructure information. In addition, with our experience in Phone Systems and Mobility Management, we could create a services and licensing plan that cuts across multiple domains to create efficiency and enhanced services.

This solution also allowed us to provide direct support to them on an ongoing basis, resolving problems, investigating issues, and helping implement best practices within their Microsoft Infrastructure.

The Results

Through several weeks of analysis and investigation focused on users, existing infrastructure, and future plans we found a new licensing strategy which delivered:

  • Immediate Reduction of 15% (~$15,000/year) in Microsoft 365 Licensing Expenses
  • $10,000 a year cost reduction in server licenses that were now covered by our new licensing strategy
  • $12,000 a year cost reduction through leveraging Microsoft Endpoint Manager vs. a 3rd party Mobile Device Management platform

Across the rest of 2021 we have provided ongoing support for this client as part of our relationship (these are part of our licensing relationship, not additional projects or separate fees).

Some highlights of this support:

  • Configuring Microsoft Endpoint Manager to enable the migration of users from their existing MDM system
  • Evaluating multiple Hosted Phone System vendors to integrate with Microsoft Teams
  • Resolve issues with user permissions in Azure AD and its connector to their on-prem AD
  • Addressed issues with a user’s calendar spamming “accept” notices to meeting organizers

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