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Remote and field-based workforces are no longer the exception. It’s no surprise that mobile services have become central to enabling this remote workforce by leveraging high speed tethering, MDM security, and extensive 3rd party app libraries. It’s also no surprise that many organizations are not resourced to manage the expanded and decentralized nature of this new Mobile network. Keeping up with hardware deployments, MDM systems, and supplier management is now critical to long-term efficiency and success.

Televon is a leader in the Mobile Managed Services industry. We have specialized tools and expertise that help you stay in control of this critical IT Asset, delivering best in class results, so your Mobile infrastructure is productive, secure, and lean.

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With 15 years of Mobile Management experience, Televon can help you:

We go to bat with your service providers so you don't have to.

We know and work with these and other service providers daily. This means we can get you
the right price and secure unadvertised promos through our relationships.
Best Business Level Reporting

Verizon certifies Televon to support organizations of all sizes. We work directly with Verizon, your reps, and your team to ensure you are getting the most out of your Verizon relationship. Verizon is the best service provider for businesses and organizations. Not only is their network strong and growing, but they have the best business-level reporting and overall service.

Televon speaks AT&T

We have to because many at AT&T do not speak AT&T all that well. As your support partner, we can cut through the AT&T red tape and get you results. AT&T is the leading provider of cellular services to many Government Agencies and Emergency Responder organizations. This is due to their integration with FirstNET. As an expert in AT&T service departments, billing plans, and services, Televon will reduce your stress, improve your business services, and correct your costs.

Focused on
Competitive Pricing

T-Mobile, with its focus on competitive pricing, appears to be the lead brand in the newly merged organization. This is good from a price perspective, but organizations have shied away from T-Mobile because their business support and service is severely lacking. Televon, as your partner, can fill the T-Mobile void, allowing you to benefit from the low service price. Televon gives you a business class support team, ticket system, reporting engine, and bill consolidation capabilities — All the things T-Mobile lacks from a business perspective.

It is still AT&T

Although it is technically separate from AT&T, it is still AT&T. The billing, service, and support is all managed and provided by AT&T. That means you can benefit greatly from Televon’s history and expertise in working with AT&T. Verizon and other service providers have similar offerings, but can fall short in some capabilities. As a government expert, Televon can help you find the best rates and plans through leveraging cooperative contracts that are less known, but of better value.

Why does having an
expert matter?

When cellular services work, organizations tend to focus on other, more complicated issues. Because cellular services are both resilient and consistent, we get lulled into a sense of commonplace. This allows inefficiencies to creep into the program. Employees leave, but service is not turned off. Service agreements are not reviewed consistently, so prices creep up.

In addition, ordering new service, keeping up with hardware changes, and ensuring secure systems is all time consuming. Using custom analytics and trained staff, Televon keeps your mobile system lean while ensuring staff have the capabilities they need to be successful.

Working with a skilled partner like Televon pays for itself within the very first month.

Televon's Mobility Solutions provide Efficiency, Productivity, Peace of Mind

Mobility Optimization

Remote and field-based workforces are no longer the exception. Keeping up with hardware deployments, MDM systems, and supplier management is now critical to long-term efficiency and success.

Televon's Mobility Optimization Solution delivers a guaranteed efficient and secure mobility program. Included are Inventory Audits, Asset Tracking, MDM Management, and Supplier Plan Management.

Not included is Direct User Troubleshooting, User Training, and MDM Migrations.

Mobile Device Management Implementations

MDM and Endpoint Management solutions are commoditized in today’s IT ecosystem. Full capabilities are now available as core capabilities of other tools, such as Microsoft 365. Given this, many clients are opting to consolidate their Endpoint Management and other systems onto a single platform. This has the double benefit of improving integrations while reducing costs.

MDM and Endpoint Management are not simple implementations, though. They require coordination across multiple systems (Apple Business Manager, Wireless Carriers, etc.), direct engagement with users, and careful planning to ensure a seamless user experience.

Televon is an expert in the core systems required, project management, and user engagement. Our experts will work with your team to design a project that meets your unique organizational needs while ensuring an efficient and successful outcome.

Mobile Program Audits

Mobile devices are critical to work productivity. As the world blurs between in-office, remote office, and mobile office working environments, ensuring your mobile systems, processes and capabilities are optimized to meet your needs. Televon’s Mobile Program Solution includes Inventory Management (who has what device, is it up to date, upgrade management, etc.), Service Optimization (do you have the right plan for each user), and Mobile Security Evaluation (are devices effectively protected).

With our 15-year history of success in making clients’ mobile workforce both secure and efficient, we can guarantee Televon’s fees are completely covered by the savings you realize from our work.

Managed Mobility

Most organizations wish their mobile programs were easier to manage. The push towards unlimited plans has replaced the month-to-month management needs with higher costs. There are still significant costs associated with managing mobile devices, user needs, carrier plans, and Mobile Device Management systems.

Televon is an expert in all things Mobile. With trained staff, customized tools, and integrations with mobile carriers we take over the Mobile Program Management from your team, freeing up valuable resources and ensuring the most efficient and secure Mobile Program available.

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