• Keep Calm and Microsoft On
  • Keep Calm and Microsoft On
  • Keep Calm and Microsoft On
  • Keep Calm and Microsoft On
  • Keep Calm and Microsoft On
  • Keep Calm and Microsoft On

Keep Calm and Microsoft On

As a Microsoft Silver Partner and Certified Cloud Solution Provider,
our clients know that when we make a recommendation, they’re backed
by one of the most esteemed tech companies in the world.

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We are recognized for our innovative solutions!

Having an award-winning, expert partner like Televon on your side will help you maximize the benefits you realize from Microsoft and minimize your security risks, all at the lowest possible price. 

Televon manages thousands of end-user accounts, has migrated and merged multi-tenant clients, and deployed hybrid environments across multiple domains.

With a focus on the small to mid-market organization, Televon is uniquely positioned to work in conjunction with existing IT teams, expanding their capacity and elevating capabilities in the unique Microsoft Cloud Solution environment.

GCC authorized and certified, Televon can support government organizations either currently in Microsoft’s GCC environment or those looking to migrate into it. The GCC is a unique universe with special consideration needed as to license structure, deployment requirements, and certification needs.

Microsoft 365

  • Licensing decision support
  • Monthly account management and auditing
  • Admin staff and user training
  • Security hardening
  • Document retention development
  • Disaster recovery integration
  • On-premise and cloud migration
  • Hybrid deployment

Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune)

  • Integration and deployment with Apple Business Manager (ABM)
  • Windows 10 deployment and optimization
  • Migration from other MDMs (MaaS360, MobileIron, etc.)

Teams & Phone System

  • Migration and deployment
  • User Training
  • Ongoing Management and Support
  • Migration from Skype for Business on-premise

Exchange and Sharepoint On-Premise

  • Hybrid deployment optimization
  • Disaster recovery
  • Migration management
  • Security and document retention strategies

Our Microsoft Expertise

Televon’s award winning expertise with Microsoft Cloud Solutions provide your team with the how-to needed to reach your goals.


  • Licensing strategy optimization
  • System management
Expert Support Matters Expert Support Matters

Expert Support Matters

Microsoft 365 is:

• A significant % of your IT expense (non-capital) budget

• A pain in the backside to manage (given the frequent system changes, security updates, and maddening naming conventions)

• The front gate and security guard to your organization's data, user accounts, and systems

• A universe of tools and capabilities that, if utilized effectively, can expand your organization's productivity without expanding your IT spend.

Our Microsoft Offering Suite

Allow our experts to assist you in these areas to drive progress towards your objectives.

Email Account Migration

Users have little patience for email disruption. Planning, staging, and execution are critical to project success. Migrate from on-premise to cloud or cloud to cloud. Televon maintains a host of tools to make the job efficient. In addition, if combined with other Televon solutions, we can discount or even forgive the migration costs.

Cloud Service Transformation

On-premise infrastructure is a mainstay of our IT worlds, but they are under threat from hackers. The industry is moving to a cloud-based infrastructure model to spread the cost of security management, improve speed to fix threats, and leverage the purchasing power of large entities on hardware.

Migrations can be tricky and create unwanted risks for up-time performance, access management, and overall user experience. Televon utilizes best-in-class tools and certified, trained experts to ensure an efficient and successful migration.

IT Security Hardening

IT Security is on everyone's mind, but the ever-changing nature of both IT Systems (moving to the cloud, decentralized services, multi-factor authentication, etc.) and the nature of threats (phishing, ransomware, social engineering, etc.) makes staying in front of the curve difficult. Televon's IT Security Hardening project focuses on your critical risk vectors - users, hardware, and procedures. The systems and threats change, but the vectors rarely do.

What is working for you? What is working against you? Where are the holes?

The goal of our Hardening Project is not to identify potential threats, but rather to find solutions to threats that work with your systems and users. We are about realistic and efficient improvements that you can implement immediately.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is the counterbalance to IT Security. In today's security risk environment, having an updated Disaster Recovery plan is critical to minimizing the impact of a security breach or hardware failure. Many organizations believe leveraging a cloud solution like Microsoft 365, G-Suite, Azure, or AWS provides them a fully functioning DR plan. Although these tools include Disaster Recovery capabilities, they are not all enabled as defaults, nor are they all easily implemented by users.

Televon's Disaster Recovery Optimization Program evaluates your current DR plan, compares it to your security profile, and finally evaluates both against your organization's situation (industry, user culture and skill set, etc.). Leveraging this detailed baseline, Televon constructs a realistic action-oriented Disaster Recovery improvement plan.

Document Retention

Document Retention is often an elusive goal for most organizations. It is complex to design and requires end-user action to get right. Not a great combination to realize quick results. Many organizations have many starts and stops on this project. Sometimes these projects fall off because of changes in organizational priorities or personnel. Other times, the projects fall apart due to the complexity of managing across so many parts of the organization.

Televon utilizes our Project Management expertise, knowledge of document retention best practices, and culture of working within our client’s unique environment to develop a practical Document Retention program.

Microsoft 365 Optimization Solution

A full suite of capabilities, including Security Hardening and Management, Disaster Recovery, License Management, and IT Team Support. What's not included - End User Support, User Training, Migrations, etc.