About Us

Our Promise:

We are IT Specialists for IT Leaders.

With a combined 50 Years of IT and Telecom experience on the Televon team, we have seen it and lived it ourselves.

Specializing in achievable solutions to today’s IT problems, we help you bridge the gap to a more sustainable, secure, and efficient IT ecosystem. We help you transform your IT Infrastructure with a team of experts you know and trust.

Televon has specialists dedicated to Data Networks, Phone Systems, Microsoft, and Cellular and Mobility. These experts can help implement operational improvements, train, and enable staff, and deliver project success.

Every industry has unique needs. Although our services are valuable to all organizations, we are especially skilled in supporting Government Agencies, Construction Companies, Energy and Utility Companies, and Manufacturers.

We help our clients navigate their ever-changing IT landscape to ensure they achieve maximum efficiency (lowest cost for the right services).

Our History:

Televon started in 2002 as a Telecom Expense Management company. Over the years we have evolved to become a Technology Services company, but we still believe managing costs and optimizing services is critical to success.

Televon believes every organization deserves to realize maximum value for what they buy. Overpaying and under using drains resources that could be better used. Nothing is more frustrating than overpaying and only using half of what you get.

Previously known as Three Rivers Telecom Consulting (TRTC), we started delivering telecom audits, focusing in the Pennsylvania area. Using proprietary software created by our previous business owner, we were able to find key savings in existing accounts.


TRTC expanded to accommodate clients’ needs for IT expertise by offering full telecom management support.


TRTC changed owners and became what is now known as Televon Consulting. Mike Breier came on board and thought bigger. He saw where our clients had gaps in services and that we could accommodate our clientele’s growing needs.


Televon’s reach grew from the Pittsburgh area to nationwide, managing telecom operations for government, nonprofit, construction, and the financial industries. Being a now national IT & Communications consulting company, Televon needed the expert team to match. Televon transitioned to a 100% virtual office.


Continuing our focus on supporting our clients where they need it the most, Televon invests heavily in the Microsoft Cloud Services ecosystem. This includes gaining full partnership status, training all staff on Microsoft 365 Administration, and developing custom analytics tools.


The year we all want to forget. At Televon, we took this very strange year as an opportunity to further invest in the Microsoft Ecosystem by expanding our service offering, improving our business operations, and certifying team members on the Microsoft platform.


Televon’s investments in Microsoft are coming to fruition as we become a Certified Silver Partner. With a focus on Cloud Services and how to ensure secure systems in a dispersed workforce environment, Televon is excited about the future.


Our Remote Environment:

Televon is a national IT consulting company. We have employees available throughout the US. This means you can easily reach a specialist whever you are located, and we can easily come to you when you need someone on-site. Televon’s 100% virtual office allows us to hire the best talent across the US. This provides many positive outcomes including:

  • Improved customer response times as we now have client success teams in every time zone.
  • Greater employee satisfaction as team members are no longer tied to a specific location because of their work.
  • Lower employee stress due to no commute, no workplace distractions, and more flexibility to manage life and work.
  • Reduced environmental impact by eliminating employee commutes and reducing our business physical footprint since we no longer have a central business office.

Our Core Values:

Our values are the foundation of the work that we present to the world. We believe living our values drives success for us and our client partners.

Our Professional Values guide what we offer and how we offer it. Televon is:

Client Centric

We are here to help you shine. No two organizations or projects are the same, so as your success partner, we adapt our solutions to meet your challenge. Sounds Great, what does that mean? First, we assign a dedicated rep to your organization. Their job is to learn your team, organization, and needs. Second, we modify our tools and operational processes to match your objectives. Finally, we customize our deliverables so that they fit within your decision-making processes.

Experts First

We know what we are good at, and we invest in it to make ourselves the best. Our team attends conferences, takes system specific training, and gains certifications to stay current on tools, plans, systems, and capabilities. We are experts in:

Efficiency Driven

 If it is not efficient, it isn’t right. Neither Money nor Time grows on trees. Televon is laser focused on the efficient use of scarce resources. In today’s world, data, and insight drive efficiency. Televon invests in customized analytics to evaluate usage, spend, contracts and performance so that you can make informed IT administration decisions.

Our Cultural Values direct how we engage with others, both internally and externally. Televon is:


Every person adds their unique touch to Televon and we love them for it. We all have personal goals, families, needs, wants, and dreams. Televon supports each individual in their personal life, just like they support Televon in its professional objectives.


 If it is not efficient, it isn’t right. Neither Money nor Time grows on trees. Televon is laser focused on the efficient use of scarce resources. In today’s world, data, and insight drive efficiency. Televon invests in customized analytics to evaluate usage, spend, contracts and performance so that you can make informed IT administration decisions.


We believe a sustainable world is achievable today. It just takes every entity (person, organization, company, and government) making good choices to realize it. We can’t impact everyone, but we can make good choices for Televon, and we do.

About Our Leadership:

Televon President, Mike Breier

Mike Breier is the owner and president of Televon. He is also our resident Microsoft Licensing guru. If you have questions, he either knows the answer or can figure them out. Mike has 20 years of business experience driving efficiencies, improvements, and growth for some of the largest companies in the world, including GE, American Airlines, and Vizient.

Before Televon, Mike was Assistant Vice President of Solutions Strategy at Vizient, Inc. Vizient is the leading health system cost containment and efficiency improvement company in the United States, providing a multitude of services to over 60% of the health systems in the US. Over the more than 8 years at Vizient, Mike’s varying roles included guiding new business units through the infancy of startup, realigning assets to create new growth vehicles, and investigating new market opportunities.

Mike grew up in a military family, moving from base to base throughout his early years. When Middle & High School years rolled around, the Breier family settled in the West Texas town of Abilene. After high school, Mike attended Texas A&M University in College Station, where he earned his BBA in Finance and International Business. Mike went on to earn his MBA, with a focus on Business Strategy, from the University of Texas in Austin.

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