We have the experts to optimize your phone system.

Televon has evolved from a Telecom Expense Management company focused on minimizing carrier costs, to a full-service Phone System and Unified Communication managed services company.

Today’s communication systems
are complex.

Most organizations do not have a single phone system, but many systems serve different use cases. Besides the primary user phone system, you also likely have collaboration tools (teams, zoom, WebEx), security lines (fire lines, security alarms, etc.), infrastructure lines (access management, elevators), and legacy hardware (fax machines). With a deep history in communication systems and associated service providers, we are uniquely positioned to assist your organization in optimizing your phone system to meet your organization’s needs.

Leverage our expertise to:

    • Audit your existing system to identify service capabilities by location  
    • Define your future service needs in terms of today’s communications capabilities  
    • Match your needs to the top service options in the industry so that you are maximizing your purchasing power
    • Implement and manage a full-service IT Management System so you can track your service mix by department and location  
    • Address issues, outages, and service changes through an on-call help desk  

Leave working with your service providers to us.

We work with these service providers daily, and have the insider knowledge needed
to concisely advocate on your behalf, saving you precious hours.

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