17 years of supporting clients in optimizing their data & networks.

17 years of supporting clients in optimizing their data & networks.

Whether it's service contract negotiations, network installations, or ongoing management, Televon has the expertise to maximize the performance and value of your data and networks. Practical efficiency is our primary goal.

In partnering with us you gain: 

    • IT Specific contracting expertise that delivers best in class SLA’s, pricing, and terms
    • IT Asset management updated constantly so that you know which location has what services and lines 
    • On-call helpdesk to support your team in dealing with outages, orders, and other service issues
    • Monthly account and service analysis to ensure contract requirements are met 
    • Project management that does not quit until the project is fully implemented 

Dedicated teamwork driving efficiency

With today’s mobile data needs, having a network that functions across your entire operations is essential to productivity and security. Televon’s Data & Network team will work with your IT team, vendors, and users to design a system that meets your objectives and works within your budget.​

Leave working with your service providers to us.

We work with these service providers daily, and have the insider knowledge needed
to concisely advocate on your behalf, saving you precious hours.

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We enjoy a good challenge, no problem is too small or too big. We have been tackling data and network transformations over the years as technology evolves and we are confident in our experience.

Fiber Optics

Televon has worked with several clients on designing and contracting for private fiber networks that dramatically that upgrade their current systems and establish a long term financially efficient growth path for the future.


Satellite is not typically thought of a viable solution in most scenarios. Cost to performance metrics are not favorable and they often create more headaches than they solve. This picture is changing with the installation of new mass deployed, low Earth orbit, satellite networks (see Starlink) that;
 • increase the bandwidth to match true broadband capacity,
 • reduce latency to communications grade quality,
 • minimize jitter to enable remote based, no install, business application utilization.

Televon is leading the charge on integrating these new satellite systems into remote business operations in the construction, utility and energy sectors where traditional hardline installs are cost prohibitive or impossible.

Mobile Broadband

Enabling remote worksites isn’t just about cell phones and broadband networks. A highly versatile tool is cellular network mobile routers. These systems are easy to deploy, mobile, and powerful making them perfect for the construction, utility, and government sectors. Knowing which router and service plan to utilize, as well as tracking the asset’s deployment location and service quality, are critical to using them efficiently and securely. Televon’s cross system expertise between data network and cellular enables to bring the best of all capabilities to bear in order to meet your unique needs.

Disaster Recovery

Changing, upgrading, or changing a data network without evaluating and modifying your Disaster Recovery plan is like driving a new car without having insurance. Televon’s experts can design and implement a disaster recovery plan that is customized to your specific risk profile. We have experience in mitigating system downtime in the event of natural disasters, cyber security breaches, and vendor service disruption.

Sourcing Services

You know networking and your needs. We know the vendors and contracting strategies necessary to maximize your services, minimize your costs, and ensure your service providers deliver on their promises.

Migrating to or implementing a new service provider is more than a contracting initiative, it takes project management expertise to manage a cross functional team of vendors, location staff, and IT team members to ensure the service is delivered on-time and in budget. Working with Televon’s Data and Network team are both subject matter experts as well as project management leaders.

Asset Management

Critical to the successful administration of a network is maintaining a detailed accounting of each locations service set, the contracts associated with those, and the service providers obligations within those contracts. Televon implements and manages a custom-built IT Asset Management system for your organization. This system is vendor neutral allowing you to view your entire network, open tickets instantly, track activity, and manage contracts, simplifying the service administration of your network so that you can focus on the operational performance.

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