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Every organization needs expertise in Microsoft 365, Cellular Services, Phone Systems, and Data Networks, but who can find trained staff in all areas. Televon flips the model by providing resources in each area that are shared across several clients. You benefit from true experts that know these services better than anyone and only pay a fraction of the cost of hiring, training and managing a single employee.

How do you benefit?

We could point out the obvious benefits of having technical experts that are specifically focused on a set of services, like getting things done quickly, protecting you from missed opportunities (e.g., promos, bill errors, etc.), and not having to stay on hold for hours with your service provider.

But the real benefit is peace of mind. Our experts free you and the rest of your team up so they can focus on more critical, or big picture issues.

So, what is IT Administration and how does it work
across different system categories?

IT Administration is our suite of full-service solutions. With each solution, you receive a dedicated expert specific to that
service system. This expert manages the system, provides tech support to your users, manages vendors, and
implements your customized IT Asset Management system. You get the benefits of in-house experts at a fraction of the cost.

IT Administration Solutions by Service Category

Microsoft 365 ongoing management is critical to security, but also cumbersome due to constant system enhancements. With Televon’s Managed Microsoft 365 you will receive:

  • Microsoft licenses included
  • Certified expert who knows your needs
  • Tier 1, 2, and 3 tech support
  • Direct user engagement and training

Learn more about our Microsoft capabilities

Your phone system needs to work every time. Your business depends on it. Today’s cloud-based phone systems remove the middleware, but they are still complex to implement and manage. With Televon’s full-service Manage Phone Solution you receive:

  • Full phone system implementation and optimization
  • IT Asset Management System so you know what is where
  • Certified expert who your team can rely on
  • Tier 1, 2, and 3 tech support
  • Direct user engagement, setup, and ongoing maintenance

Learn more about our Phone System capabilities

Data & Network connectivity are the lifeblood of modern productivity. Many organizations need a full Network Operations Center, but don’t have the staff or tools to implement one. Televon’s Managed Data solution provides:

  • IT Asset Management system to manage your network
  • A certified expert that monitors and maintains your systems
  • Tier 1, 2, and 3 tech support
  • Market Price management to ensure best pricing
  • Security hardening and recovery support

Learn more about Data & Network capabilities

Cellular Services are the bane of organizations and IT Teams. Employees can’t live without them, but they are expensive, everyone wants an upgrade yesterday, and those devices are hard to secure. Televon’s Managed Mobile solution provides:

  • IT Asset Management system to keep track of devices
  • Mobile device management (MDM) management
  • Dedicated on-call experts your users can rely on
  • Tech support and full administration services
  • Pricing and promo management

Learn more about our Mobile capabilities

Managed Microsoft 365
Managed Phone
Managed Data & Network
Managed Mobile

Looking for support, but in a smaller package?
Checkout our IT Asset Management solutions

Your success is our goal.

That's why companies and governments choose Televon.

Televon offers trained experts in dedicated fields. These experts spend 100% of their time focused on their specific area (Microsoft, Cellular, Data Networks, Phone Systems). They know these systems and vendors better than the vendor teams do.

With decades of experience, vendor-specific training, and the ability to leverage learnings across clients, Televon’s experts are unparalleled in their ability to get things done.

These experts utilize a custom IT Asset Management System that not only allows them to keep track of your locations, systems, and hardware, but also analyze your bills, compare your rates to known industry pricing and keep track of your service contracts.

Finally, your dedicated expert is also your on-call support. When you call us for help or open a help-desk ticket, the person who knows you better than anyone answers that request. This ensures it is efficient and accurate every time.


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