Gain focus on
your assets.

Eliminate inefficiencies with expert tracking of
spend, contracts, and equipment.

Gain focus on <br>your assets.

Experts you need.

Every organization has inefficiencies in their systems such as unused lines, expired contracts, and higher than market service pricing. The problem isn’t knowing they are there, it’s having the right data and time to find them and eliminate them. Televon’s IT Asset Management solutions combine a custom Asset Management system with service experts that know where to look for inefficiencies and how to eliminate them.

Televon’s Asset Management solutions are not consulting services, they are operational support to your team. Our experts work with your team from initial analysis all the way through to optimization implementation.

How do you benefit?

Televon combines customized IT Asset Management tools with IT Service experts that have years of experience. This potent combination ensures you get better results faster when compared to consulting companies who rely solely on the knowledge of their team or IT Asset Management tools that force you to do all the heavy lifting.

With 17 years of success under our belt, we know how to deliver results. Work with the best to get the best results.

So, what is IT Asset Management and how does it work
across different system categories?

IT Asset Management is more than a self-service system but less than total outsourcing. With this set of solutions, your IT team gets
the benefit of expert support, best-in-class processes, and customized tools, but is still in the driver seat on decisions. It’s like having
a safety net, but friendlier. Oh, and it pays for itself immediately (no kidding).

IT Asset Management Solutions by Service Category

Microsoft 365 is downright frustrating. Which license is right, how do you secure the tenant, what should we do when someone clicks a spammy email? With Televon’s Optimized Microsoft 365 solution you receive:

  • Microsoft licenses included
  • Annual Security Hardening analysis
  • Monthly user and license audit
  • Tier 2 and 3 tech support

Learn more about our Microsoft capabilities

Phones aren’t set it and forget it systems, their billing systems border on the obtuse and don’t get us started on their support services. We are experts in this frustrating industry, so you don’t have to be. With Televon’s Optimized Phone solution you receive:

  • IT Asset Management system to track users and services
  • Custom market rate analysis and monthly billing audits
  • Billing dispute management and resolution
  • An on-call tech support team (call us, not the carriers…yay!)

Learn more about our Phone System capabilities

Data & Network services are fairly commoditized, but that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from a little expert TLC. In particular, when something isn’t right. Televon’s Optimized Data & Network solution includes:

  • IT Asset Management to track locations, services, and contracts
  • Custom market rate analysis and monthly billing audits
  • Dedicated tech support to address your issues
  • Change management and implementation support

Learn more about our Data & Network capabilities

If you are using Unlimited Plans, you are getting taken advantage of. It’s that simple. These “Unlimited Plans” hurt your power users and overcharge you for the other 80% of employees. Televon Optimized Mobile solution includes:

  • IT Asset Management system to track devices and users
  • Custom pooled account creation and management
  • Overage protection guarantee
  • On-call support for issues, international travel and whatever else happens

Learn more about our Mobile capabilities

Optimized Microsoft 365
Optimized Phone
Optimized Data & Network
Optimized Mobile

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Your success is our goal.

That's why companies and governments choose Televon.

Our experts spend 100% of their time focused on their specific area (Microsoft, Cellular, Data Networks, Phone Systems). They know these systems and vendors better than the vendor teams do. Experts drive efficiency because they are specialists in what they do.

Finding and eliminating inefficiencies is time consuming. With so much on your teams’ plate, focusing on data analysis, contract management, and service tracking tends to give way to putting out fires and implementing new systems.

Hiring an expert that has the tools, training, and processes to work independently, but with your oversight, effectively accelerates your results by a factor of 5. Even better, since they are experts in a specific domain (data & networks, phone system, mobility, or Microsoft 365), they know the hidden opportunities improving both the chances of success and the overall results.


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