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Specialized skills<br> for unique projects

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Sometimes you need to get a project done quickly, but do not have the team capacity or skills to guarantee success. In today’s high-paced and hyper-specialized world, hiring Televon’s experts will get the job done on time and on budget.

So, what does IT Professional Services entail?

Televon’s history is all about efficiency and this shines through in our Professional Services projects.
Our goal is to apply the right resources to ensure the success of your project while minimizing total expense.

Get a second pair of eyes on the services you buy, your infrastructure, and overall spend structure. This is a great solution when there is a change in the IT team, a merger, or when budgets get squeezed because of business cycles.

Televon conducts an exhaustive investigation of your major spend areas. The two primary objectives are to:

  • Create a detailed list of all IT Services (locations, phone lines, circuits, and networks)
  • Identify efficiency improvement opportunities that reduce cost without affecting operations or services

How efficient is your cellular program? Who has which device? Is your management program using today’s best practices to keep things optimized?

Televon’s Mobile Program audit focuses on evaluating users, equipment, and activity and comparing that to carrier plans to maximize services and minimize costs. Key outputs from this engagement include:

  • Market rate analysis based on your unique usage patterns
  • User and equipment audit with targeted identification of unused devices and upgrade eligible devices
  • Management process best practices to ensure all improvements are maintained in the future

Ready to make the move to Microsoft 365? Work with certified experts to get your Exchange, SharePoint, File shares and Collaboration systems migrated to the cloud.

Televon utilizes industry-leading migration tools to ensure your critical productivity systems are migrated in a timely, accurate, and secure manner. Our team of project management and system specialist work with you every step of the way including;

  • Define a custom scope based on your needs and infrastructure
  • Construct a detailed project plan and reporting schedule
  • Regular implementation checkpoints
  • Migration cleanup and system setup
  • Project completion review and sign-off

These days, new cybersecurity threats are constant. Is your organization up to the challenge?

Cybersecurity isn’t just a virus tool or password management system, it’s a total org effort. Televon’s security hardening project reviews the strength of your high-risk vectors including;

  • Malware detection
  • Endpoint systems
  • Immediate audit capability
  • End-user training and skills

Identified risks and improvement opportunities are then prioritized and implemented based on your organizational needs.

Securing your systems is only half the battle. If the last year and a half of sophisticated attacks have taught us anything, it’s that even the most secure minded companies need a contingency plan for recovering if a hack does occur. A strong and up-to-date disaster recovery plan is your best defense when a hacker is successful.

Televon’s disaster recovery experts work with the industry’s best DR tools to implement a custom DR program that is specific to your organization’s users, clients, and operations. Critical to success of this DR program is creating multi-layered defenses that minimize the impact of ransomware, phishing scams, and virus attacks.

The world is changing. Complex on-premise phone systems are becoming expensive, both in the monthly service of the dedicated line and in the ongoing maintenance costs of the hardware. It also limited them in their Unified Communications capabilities.

Televon has a long history in the telephony space. We can help you;

  • Identify the right solution for your needs
  • Plan and implement the port over
  • Verify vendor performance post implementation

In addition, we can support the provisioning and implementation of new handsets if that is required.

Thinking about changing phone systems but aren’t sure you know what all you currently have installed or where it is located. This is not atypical. Phone systems are often obscure and not well labeled. Ports, forwards, and cross-overs make it especially difficult to truly know what you need to keep vs. what can be disconnected.

Televon has experts that come on site and evaluate, clean up and label every line at every location. Think of it as a spring cleaning with a telephone system accountant. After it is all done, you have:

  • Tidy and labeled telephone closets
  • A detailed report of every active line, where it is located, and what it is used for
  • A target list of suspect lines that could be disconnected or converted to a more effective service type

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