Bank On Mobility Management from Televon

Televon's Mobility Management delivers maximum savings with minimal effort and no risk. It is the low hanging fruit to building a solid value-added relationship with your clients.

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Bank On Mobility Management from Televon Bank On Mobility Management from Televon

What Is Mobility Management

Mobility management refers to the collection of services, systems, and procedures required to deploy and handle mobile devices (such as cellular phones, tablets, hotspots, IoT, etc.) for your workforce and field operations.

Although many organizations manage this in-house, the absence of specialized tools and training often leaves staff members struggling to keep up with demand. This can lead to added costs in the form of excessive payments for cellular plans and hardware, late fees, and even service outages.

Big Picture Benefits

Reduced Costs

Reduce costs of both cellular services and hardware by 40% or more (~$20/user per month).

Consistent Operation

Devices show up on time, issues are resolved quickly, and bills are paid. The headache of managing cellular goes away.

Dedicated Support

A team of experts, on call, that work on your account. They know you, your organization, your devices, and your needs.

Televon's Mobility Management Packages

  • Monthly Audit

    Conduct monthly bill reviews to identify unused devices and plan options that can save money.

  • Custom Cellular Accounts

    Televon utilizes an advanced analytic system to create a custom Cellular Account Plan specific to your needs, reducing costs by 40% or more. 

  • Change Management

    Our on-call team can make all necessary account, service and device changes (new users, new SIMs, add international, suspend device, etc.).

  • Bill Audit & Pay

    Televon constantly monitors your cellular usage, billing, and contract information to identify errors and cost reduction opportunities. After bill validation, we can initiate payment to ensure no late fees, finance charges or suspensions occur. 

  • Admin Support (8 to 5)

    With a dedicated help line and ticketing system, your administrative team can get the help they need to address any issues, including user issue and device issues.

  • User Support (8 to 5)

    With Pro, you can publish a dedicated user help line that is maned by your dedicated Televon team.

  • Device Deployment

    Going beyond cost management and support, Televon takes on the device ordering, setting up, and user account provisioning process. With Televon, users receive a ready for work out of the box device. 

  • Device Lifecycle Management

    When devices need to be returned (off-boarding, aged devices, etc.), Devices that can be reused, are refurbished and placed in inventory, ready for redeployment. Devices that have reached end of life, are securely and responsibly recycled. 

  • MDM Management

    Televon will engage directly with your MDM system to manage the provisioning and off-boarding of users and addressing device issues (locate, lock, etc.).

Partner Benefits

When you partner with Televon through Sandler, you gain access to a full-time Sandler dedicated channel team, top level commissions, and Sandler industry leading evergreen agreements.

Best of all, you get a Mobility Management partner that delivers real, long-lasting, value for your clients.

MRC Commissions

MRC ranges from $3-10/month per cellular service line. Clients' savings is $15/month*.

Sandler Commissions

Televon partner commissions, if through Sandler, will be 35% MRC.
Coming Soon

New Service SPIF

Every time a employee gets new service , Televon will pay a SPIF creating ongoing growth opportunities.

Sandler SPIF

SPIF $ depends on carrier, but ranges from $10-$25 for each new line of service.
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