Accelerating Sales Together

Dramatically Increase your speed to proposal with Televon's Analytics service.

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Accelerating Sales Together Accelerating Sales Together

TEM Analytic Services

Televon is uniquely positioned to support the Sandler Partner Network with our proprietary Baseline Analytics Tool and specialty trained staff. Through our service team you will get fast, accurate and valuable baseline data to build quotes for your clients.

Detailed Reports

Our reports are delivered in client-ready pdf deliverables as well as Excel based tables ready for quoting.

TEM Analysts

You will work with our dedicated team of TEM analysts who are all US based and have been with Televon for 6+ years.

Speed of Response

Using our proprietary analytics engine, we can churn through mountains of bills, contracts, and CSRs.

Internet, Dedicated, SASE, MPLS
Data Network

Analyzing 100’s of locations, circuits, vendors and contracts to develop a single source of truth for a Client’s data and internet network spend.

On-Prem, POTs, Virtual
Phone System

Receive a line-by-line analysis of a client’s total phone system. The analysis will cut across all vendors and locations, allowing you one holistic view.

Ransomware Protection
Backup & Disaster Recovery

Televon’s analytics team can provide detailed analytics around current state Backup and Disaster Recovery statue, as well propose new architectures to consider.

All Major Carriers

Evaluate the plans, accounts, promos, and hardware of a client’s cellular system. Televon’s vendor agnostic analytics system will allow you to quickly identify options and potential sales opportunities.

Partnership Pricing

As a Sandler Partner, Televon can work as your sub-agent, thus leveraging Sandler's financial management system to streamline our relationship. Simply designate Televon as your sub-agent for each deal so that Televon is awarded below fees.

Upfront / One-Time


    We do not charge upfront analysis, implementation, or fixed fees.

Vendor Incentives (SPIFFs)

10% of Deal

    Televon is awarded a % of deal Incentives including SPIFFs, Rebates, and other promotions.

Commissions / Residuals

10% of Deal

    Televon will receive a % of ongoing commissions, residuals, and other sales incentive payment.
Did Televon meet your analytics expectations?

"The data is exactly what I was looking for and the timeline was great as well. The client has already approved for me to start doing the renewals."
Tammy Hallett
Senior Channel Manager at Sandler Partners