Top 5 Microsoft 365 Licensing Hacks

Top 5 Microsoft 365 Licensing Hacks December 29, 2020 By Mike Breier Microsoft 365 and its little brother, Office 365, are central to organizational productivity and digital security. Because of this, Microsoft has quietly grown to the largest SaaS subscription

Improve Your IT Inventory Management Processes

Improve Your IT Inventory Management Processes November 30, 2020 By Mike Breier   Televon is digging deeper on several of these topics, leveraging our years of experience, to provide you with processes and best practices you can implement immediately. The


Efficiently Identify “Unneeded Licenses”

A few steps in the right direction, using existing resources and tools, can result in +50% improvements. The hard part is identifying the right steps, so you don’t waste time and erode your ROI.

Caution: Not All Promos Are Worth It

One thing is for sure, providers don't offer promos to save you money or be super nice around the holidays. If you take advantage of a promo then there is a good chance you will give something of value up

Pro-Tip: Watch-out For Multiple Promos

One of the things the carriers like to do is not allow multiple promos to coexist. So if you already have a promo, and then call to get that shiny new one added, you might inadvertently eliminate a promo that