Pro-Tip: Watch-out For Multiple Promos

April 20, 2020

By Mike Breier

Ever experienced the promo that increases, instead of decreases, your bill?

One of the things the carriers like to do is not allow multiple promos to coexist. So if you already have a promo, and then call to get that shiny new one added, you might inadvertently eliminate a promo that was better for you than the new one.

The key to solving this is two-fold:
1) Request the additional promo in writing through email and clearly state that you do not want the new promo to disallow existing promos.
2) On next months bill check to see if you still have your original promos and the new ones. If the new one is on and the old ones are off; send the bill, and the email from step 1, to your rep and request they add the original promo back. Without the written request from step 1, you won’t have any recourse to correct the mistake after it has already occurred.

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