Prevent Business Email Spoofing Through Awareness

August 25, 2021

By Kailah Millen

Every day we are reading more and more about cyber attacks, especially against government entities. Living every day in the world of technology, we know and see the risks and stop hackers in their tracks, but what about your users?

Cybersecurity hacks can cost an organization as much as  $4.96 million these days. When an attack is caught quickly, as much as 30% of these loses can be recovered. However, as more and more users work remotely, it can hinder communication efforts and discovery of attacks.

Users are the highest security risk for any and every organization. They aren’t always keeping up or learning each day about new ways to scam cash from people like IT professionals are. This means we have a responsibility to educate our users on what to look for to dodge cyber attacks. This not only makes our jobs a whole lot easier, but also protects our organization and ultimately our paychecks. 

Following these steps can get your users on the look out for those harmful ne’er-do-wells.