Unlimited Plans Aren't Always Best

April 20, 2020

Wireless carriers are masters at marketing and pricing. Let’s face it, it’s your only option if your product is radio waves. They don’t make the hardware or software we use. They don’t create the movies, songs or news articles we consume. They transmit data back and forth. Oh yeah, they bill us too.

Unlimited use pricing has come and gone over the years. Once upon a time we had a certain number of minutes we could use before incurring overages, then there was unlimited voice. Next was texting. Now its data’s turn.

The question whether it is right for your company, and the answer is it depends.

These plans are super easy to manage. There are no overage charges and the monthly bill is consistent. Its like that commercial “set it and forget it”. The problem is you are paying a 25%+ premium to “Forget It”.

There is also the problem of the fine print. Most Unlimited Plans are only “kinda” Unlimited. 90% of your employees won’t notice, but the other 10%, those that use a lot of data, will get “Throttled”(reduction in the speed of download) when they hit a certain limit. They can still download information, but it will be measurably slower.

The alternative to Unlimited Plans are Pooled Accounts, like family plans. Used correctly these can lower your bill and ensure no user gets throttled. The downside is these accounts need to be managed each month to make sure you don’t get hit with overage charges.

Who should use Unlimited Plans?
Small businesses (e.g., 20 or less devices) where the effort to manage the plan just isn’t worth the trouble of analyzing each users patterns, reviewing bills for accuracy, etc.

Larger businesses can use the unlimited plans strategically to manage their pooled accounts more efficiently. Client’s of Televon typically have less than 5% of users on unlimited plans.

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